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GOVERNMENT OFFICE Established 1968

Land Management Pages:

740 7th Ave West
Durand, WI 54736
Telephone: (715) 672-8897
Fax: (715) 672-8677


Now beyond its 40th year of operation, the Pepin County Office of Land Management/Emergency Government (formally the Zoning Office) and staff has seen many roles and responsibilities change over the years. Although significant programs come and go in the office, the main functions of protecting the natural resources of the county and providing continuity to government units (ex: city, villages and towns) during periods of emergencies still remains at the center of the office functions.

Land Management Functions

Regulatory functions of the Land Management Office include county administration of state statutes, administrative codes and county codes pertaining to subjects such as shoreland/wetland issues, floodplain codes, and sanitary codes amongst others. Through the fair and proper administration of these codes, the office has limited conflicts between property owner, reduced reoccurring losses to residential property in floodplain areas, kept the county in compliance with state and federal laws allowing for presidential disaster aid, preserved the natural resources of the county, and generally, improved the quality of life in the community.

Some other programs run under the heading of Land Management include Environmental Health, Uniform Numbering system (addressing), County Surveyor, Land Records, Recycling/Solid Waste, Tourism, Land Use Planning & Economic Development.

Emergency Management Functions

Emergency Management functions of the office consist of basically three different programs. The “every day” emergency government functions can be considered the heart of the program and are subjects such as severe weather awareness, disaster planning, and disaster recovery.

Since the chemical plant disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) functions have been added to the office. These functions include the documentation of extremely hazardous substances in the county and planning for response and recovery to an incident with these substances.

The last program added to the office is in response to the events of September 11, 2001, terrorism planning. Although many parties may question the need for terrorism planning in Pepin County, by actively participating in federal and state programs regarding this subject, the emergency response community is better trained and better equipped to handle all emergencies within the county.