District Attorney

Jon D. Seifert was first elected as District Attorney of Pepin County in 1997.  Jon is a lifelong resident of Pepin County.

The District Attorney is an elected official with the responsibility of prosecuting crimes that were committed within the County.  The primary duties of the District Attorney are to review law enforcement referrals for potential criminal activities, make charging decisions, and represent the State of Wisconsin in the prosecution of these criminal matters.  The District Attorney has broad statutory authority including the sole responsibility with regard to the filing of criminal charges stemming from acts that occurred within Pepin County.  The District Attorney prosecutes all levels of crimes including, civil forfeitures, misdemeanors, and felonies committed within Pepin County. 

The District Attorney's office works closely with the Pepin County Sheriff's Department, Durand Police Department, Pepin Police Department, Wisconsin State Patrol, and local DNR Wardens to ensure enforcement of the criminal laws and administration of justice throughout the County.