Circuit Court Judge

The Circuit Judge conducts court hearings and jury trials concerning civil and criminal cases, probate of estates, guardianship/protective placements, commitment cases, juvenile cases, small claims court cases, restraining orders and domestic abuse cases.
Register in Probate, Juvenile Clerk, Judicial Assistant
Register in Probate/Probate Registrar/Clerk of Juvenile Court/Judicial Assistant Office Keeps all records of estates, adoptions, guardianships, conservatorships, joint tenancy terminations, and summary estates proceedings; certifies and furnishes copies of such documents, requested by the public.
Completely supervises and approves the informal probate of decedent estates. Keeps all juvenile court records and records minutes of juvenile court proceedings; these are released only upon a court's order for good cause. Provides notary public services and schedules cases for the court calendar
Court Reporter
Transcribes all jury trials and all other court hearings.