Child Support Department

The Child Support Department is responsible for the location of absent parents, establishing a legal obligation for child support, adjudication of paternity for non-marital children, monitoring payment activities, enforcement of support obligations, and maintaining financial case records related to child support orders.  The activities of the Child Support Program are governed by state and federal statutes and are funded by federal, state and local government.  

If you need information about your child support case or would like additional information about our services please contact our agency.
Do you have information about someone who should be supporting his/her child?  You can help your local child support agency by contacting us to anonymously report the address or employment of someone who should be supporting their children. 


  • Making Your Payment
    The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website outlines various ways our clients can pay their child support obligation, including mailing payments, paying by phone, paying on-line (see the PayNow button to the right), MoneyGram, and wage garnishment.
  • Obtaining Services
    A completed application form is required to obtain services from Pepin County Child Support.  Applications can be found here: Wisconsin Child Support Program
  • Physical Placement and Custody
    Issues regarding physical placement and custody are not services provided by the Child Support Agency.
  • Employment/Career Counseling and Services
  • Equal Opportunity
    The Pepin County Child Support Agency is an equal opportunity service provider.  If you need assistance to access services or materials in an alternate format, please contact the agency.


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