Cost Share Programs

Conservation Cost-Share Funding Available to Pepin County Landowners
The Pepin County Land Conservation Department, along with Natural Resources Conservation Services, (NRCS) has cost-share funding available for conservation practices. Common practices that are approved for funding include grade stabilization structures (dams), grassed waterways, diversions, nutrient management planning and manure storage. Additional practices are available.

Programs that provide cost sharing or incentives include the following:

  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP):
    Funds available to agricultural producers on agricultural land for conservation practices which protect soil and water quality. Such practices include animal trails and walkways; cover crop; fencing; forest stand improvement; grade stabilization structures (dams); grassed waterway; nutrient management; prescribed grazing; tree/shrub establishment; waste storage facility and well decommissioning. For a complete listing of practices and explanations visit the NRCS website NRCS offers continuous sign-up for EQIP.
  • Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP):
    which is intended to develop or improve fish and wildlife habitat on privately owned land. Almost any type of land, including agricultural and non-agricultural land, woodlots, pastures and stream banks are eligible. Other practices are brush management; conservation cover; forest stand improvement; stream bank and shoreline protection; stream habitat improvement and management. For a listing and explanation of all practices visit A wildlife habitat development plan is required. NRCS offers continuous sign-up for WHIP.
  • Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP):
    The purpose of this program is to restore wetlands previously altered for agricultural use. Land which has been owned for one year is eligible for this program.
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP):
    These programs help to reduce erosion, increase wildlife habitat, improve water quality and increase forestland. A landowner or operator sets aside cropland or pasture that is adjacent to surface water and receives annual rental payments for the term of the contract.
  • Land & Water Resource Management (LWRM):
    This program’s goal is to reduce soil erosion, protect water quality and conserve county-identified natural resources. Cost-share funds and technical assistance is provided to landowners to install best management practices.
  • Partners for Fish & Wildlife:
    To restore wetlands, grasslands and threatened and endangered species habitats. Land which can be restored to wetland conditions is eligible.

For more information on specific program or for assistance with water quality or soil erosion projects, please contact your local Conservation Department at the Pepin County Government Center. Call 715-672-8665 ext 5 for details.