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Environmental Health Services

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Many homes and apartments built before 1978 have lead paint or varnish on the walls, woodwork, windows, and floors. Lead can harm children. Children under six years old can easily be poisoned by dust or chips from lead paint. If they play near windows and other places with worn-out or damaged paint, they can get lead dust on their fingers and toys. When they swallow lead dust it can cause illness. It can also cause problems with learning, growth and behaviors that can affect them their entire life. Even small amounts of lead can be harmful. Children living or spending time in older homes should be tested for exposure to lead.

Health Department staff provide case management for children who have been lead poisoning. Any child residing in Pepin County with a blood lead level of 3.5 mcg/dL or above is eligible.

 Services Available:

    • Ongoing case management with a registered nurse
    • Health assessment
    • Growth and developmental evaluation
    • Education about treatment and prevention
    • Referrals to resources as necessary
    • For children with two consecutive venous blood lead levels of 15 mcg/dL or higher, a referral will be made for an environmental lead investigation 

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Human Health Hazard Follow up and Enforcement

Following the guidance outlined in the Pepin County Chapter 10 Environmental Health and Sanitation, the Health Department follow up on all complaints related to reported human health hazards. The Health Department staff will investigate and provide abatement orders as appropriate.

Pepin County Chapter 10 : ***Link to revised ordinance to be added***

Radon Testing

Radon testing kits are available at the Pepin County Health Department for a small fee. Testing your home is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk for radon.

WI Radon Information Centers

Private Well Water Testing

If you are pregnant or have an infant under 1 year, and the cost of testing a hardship, water testing is available at PCHD for fluoride, nitrates, and bacteriology.

For those who do not qualify, bacteriology testing is available at Pepin County Zoning for a fee.

DHS Water Quality Issues

DNR Groundwater


DNR High Water and Flooding

DNR Surface Water

DNR Drinking Water System Portal

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) monitors public drinking water systems. A Public Water System (PWS) provides piped water to the public for human consumption. Wisconsin PWSs are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The site linked below allows you to query and download data from our database, the Drinking Water System (DWS), which is maintained and used by DNR SDWA regulators.

Food Safety and Recreational Licensing

The Pepin County Health Department protects the community’s health by ensuring that establishments, such as of bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, food establishments, lodging, recreational and educational camps, public swimming pools including water park attractions, and schools, are in compliance with respective laws.

 All establishment inspections are conducted by an Environmental Health Specialist (EHS), who is nationally Registered Environmental Health Sanitarian. This professional works with establishment owners and managers each day to keep the environment and your food and drinks safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, physical hazards, and chemical contaminates. Interested in seeing a food establishment’s most recent inspection? Visit HealthSpace

 Application Forms

       License Application - Transient Retail Food Establishment - Only Prepackaged Foods

License Application - Retail Food Establishment- Not Serving Meals, Mobile

License Application - Retail Food Establishment- Serving Meals, Mobile

Retail Food Plan Review Application

License Application - Retail Food Establishment- Not Serving Meals

License Application - Retail Food Establishment- Serving Meals

License Application - Lodging and Recreational Facility

Special Event Application - Not Serving Meals

Special Event Application - Serving Meals

     ***Contact the Pepin County Health Department for more information at 715-672-5961***

 Codes and Regulations

  • Bed & Breakfasts

oATCP 73

  • Campgrounds

oATCP 79

  • Certified Food Manager

oCertified Food Manager Requirements

  • Food

oFDA Food Code 2022

oWisconsin Food Code

oATCP 75

oFood Safety Handouts

oTemporary Restaurant Guidelines

oCertified Food Manager Requirements for Small Service Operators

oFood Employee Illness Reporting Agreement

  • Mobile and Transient Food Establishments

oChapter 9 Wisconsin Food Code

oChapter 10 Wisconsin Food Code        

oMobile Food Service and Mobile Retail Food Establishments

  • Lodging

oATCP 72

oUtensil Sanitation Poster

oRoom Rate Cards

  • Recreational and Educational Camps

oATCP 78

  • Public Pools

oATCP 76

oCleaning Up Body Fluid Spills on Pool Surfaces

oFecal Incident Response Recommendations

oFecal Incident Response Form

oSwimming Pool and Water Attraction Death, Injury and Illness Report


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