Welcome to the Pepin County Treasurer's Department

The Pepin County Treasurer is a state constitutional officer, elected every four-years by the voters of Pepin County. The duties of the County Treasurer are defined by Wisconsin State Statutes and rules and policies set by the County Board of Supervisors. 

The Pepin County Treasurer’s Office strives to provide our taxpayers with the highest level of customer service in a professional and efficient manner by fulfilling its statutory duty to, and on behalf of, the taxpayers of Pepin County.

The responsibilities of the Treasurer’s office include collecting, receipting, and depositing funds from all county departments, investing county monies, and reconciling county bank accounts. This office is also responsible for the posting of all the municipal tax collections and preparing the tax settlements for each municipality. We collect and receipt postponed and delinquent tax payments. The Treasurer’s Office also prepares, and mails delinquent tax notices, ag use conversion charge notices, maintains lottery credits, along with various other duties. The duties of the Treasurer are governed under Wisconsin State Statutes, Chapters 59, 70, 74 and 75.

The Pepin County Real Property Lister’s office is also part of the County Treasurer Department. This office is responsible for maintaining accurate ownership and description information of parcels, including parcel numbers, owner’s names, legal descriptions, mailing addresses, number of acres, school districts, and special purpose districts. Other functions include reconciling assessment information from assessors and coordinating the flow of assessment information between the County and taxation district for assessment and taxation purposes. These duties and responsibilities of the Real Property Lister are identified in Wisconsin State Statute, section 70.09.

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