Foster Care

Foster care is 24-hour care provided by licensed foster parents for children who cannot live with their parents because it is unsafe, because they have special care/treatment needs, or because other circumstances exist that result in their parents or family being unable to care for them. Foster care provides children with a stable, safe, and nurturing environment while their parents work on improving their situations. A child may remain in foster care for a few days, or for many months. The primary goal of foster care is to return children to their birth parents. Foster parents are encouraged to work towards this goal as well. 


Why are Foster Parents needed in Pepin County?

It can be difficult to think about, but every day there are children who need to enter foster care for various safety reasons. Right now, there are more than 6,000 children in foster care across the state of Wisconsin. It is important to have foster homes so all of these children have a safe place to go. 


Becoming a Foster Parent

You can make a difference for a child and their family by becoming a licensed foster parent in Pepin County. There is a need for foster parents to care for children of all ages, and sometimes sibling groups as well. Prior to placement of a child, the Department provides foster parents with background information about the child, including any medical, physical, or behavior problems so that the foster families can make an informed decision as to whether the child would be a good match for their family. 



Foster Parent: Things-to-Know

      • Parenting Experience is NOT required; however, you MUST have the desire to help children with trauma histories
      • There is NO cost to becoming a foster parent
      • A large or expensive home is NOT required. Your home must be clean, uncluttered, and safe
      • There is NOT an income requirement. You must be able to pay your household bills each month consistently (without relying on the foster parent stipend)
      • Homeownership is NOT required
      • You MUST have a valid drivers license
      • We do NOT require a stay-at-home parent