Child Protective Services


Child Protective Services (CPS) aims to protect children (born and unborn) in the community and preserve the unity of the family. CPS takes reports of alleged child abuse or neglect, and intervenes when safety concerns meet statutory definitions in Wisconsin State Legislature Chapter 48. CPS works with families to alleviate safety concerns that put children at risk of severe harm. 

The primary goal of CPS is to alleviate safety concerns while maintaining children in their home. If safety controls are unable to keep children safe in their home, removal of the children from their home may be necessary to keep children safe while safety services are implemented. While removal is a possibility, maintaining children in their home or getting them back home is always the primary goal.



Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

CPS reports can be made by calling Pepin County Human Services during regular office hours. Any individual that has concern for the safety of a child can make a report. Reports are either screened in or out based on Wisconsin State Statute. If screened in, CPS will investigate the allegations through interviews with family members, children, and appropriate collaterals. If safety concerns are found to be a severe risk to the children in the home, CPS will work with the family to create an effective safety plan. The result of CPS involvement can either be to investigate allegations and close the case, engage in an informal agreement called an Informal Disposition Agreement, or refer the allegations to the Court for a court order called a Dispositional Order.