Land Information

Pepin County receives money from the State of Wisconsin via the Wisconsin Land Information Program that supports a number of projects within the county.  Residents are likely to be most familiar with the Pepin County Interactive Map, which is primarily utilized to show property ownership and tax records. Pepin County is in the process of developing additional maps that enable users to find specific information.

  • Pepin County ArcGIS Interactive Maps
  • Pepin County ArcGIS Hub (provides access to select GIS data layers currently available for download)
  • Pepin County is also utilizing Catalis Maps to track Highway Department assets and maps of survey; it is an alternative to our ArcGIS interactive maps (please note the layers on Catalis are not updated frequently). 
  • Additionally, the Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map download website provides an aggregated statewide database, web app, and individual county datasets in a standardized format.

We encourage individuals requesting Pepin County parcel data to obtain it from the State of Wisconsin or the HUB site as we generally do not have staff available to create custom data files upon request. Pepin County staff are willing to share existing GIS files via email, zip file, external hard drive, or ftp upon request. All data that is available to the public, will be shared in it's current format and will not be reformatted or edited to meet the needs of the requesting party. Please note that some GIS layers may contain errors as we are working on establishing authoritative data sets. A few Pepin County data layers may also be available through ArcGIS Online.


County Surveyor

Pepin County currently contracts on an hourly basis with Cedar Corporation of Menomonie, Wisconsin to provide the county surveyor duties that are mandated by state law. County surveyor duties include maintaining the county section corners, maintaining the geodetic control (GPS), reviews private surveys completed in the county in order for documents to be properly recorded in the Register of Deeds Office, acts as an arbitrator on surveying conflicts between licensed surveyors working in the county, and answers general questions regarding surveying.  It should be noted the county surveyor does not conduct private surveys of property for land owners as a function of the county.

Pepin County provides a list of surveyors doing work locally.

The Pepin County Land Information Plan 2022-2024 addresses elements as required by the Wisconsin Land Information Council. Projects included in the plan are eligible to receive grant funding. Recently, this money has been utilized to obtain high resolution orthography replacements, improve the counties mapping capabilities, assign tax pin numbers to new properties and support scanning of documents in the Register of Deeds Office to allow for accessibility online. The grant also supports portions of staff in various offices that support the land information program through the completion of specific projects.