Coordinated Service Team


For Children and Families Experiencing Challenges


Connecting Families, Community, and Resources

The Recovery and Wellness Coordinated Service Teams are committed to a community based system of care that is focused on the family unit. Think of coordinated service teams as pieces of an intricate puzzle that, when brought together, create a complete picture.
Each piece is vital to the whole. 



Guiding Principles

  • Family and team members are voluntary
  • Services are strength based
  • Services are child and family focused
  • Teams meet on a regular basis
  • Teams work on a full range of life needs that impact the child and family
  • Families build natural supports
  • Teams are flexible and care is unconditional
  • Goals are results driven
  • Teams celebrate success!!



Advantages to a Coordinated Team Approach

  • The child and family are supported by a TEAM
  • Parents have a VOICE in decisions that are made about their child and family
  • The child and the parents have ACCESS to the supports and community services needed
  • Parents have OWNERSHIP of the plan concerning their child
  • Outcomes are more REWARDING when goals are shared



 Core Values of Coordinated Service Team

* Have a strong and explicit commitment to preserve the integrity of the family unit
* Be child centered and family directed, with strengths and needs of the child and family deciding the types and mix of supports provided
* Be community based, with the support and decision making responsibility existing at the community level
* Be culturally responsive to the differences of the population served