Comprehensive Community Services

Supporting Mental Health & Substance Use
Through Recovery & Wellness

Who Does CCS Serve?

Adults and Children who:

  • Want to make changes in their life
  • Would benefit from a self or family directed program
  • Have mental health and/or substance abuse disorder(s)
  • Have complex issues that interfere with major life activities

Service recipients also need to be Medicaid (MA) eligible, and meet functional requirements through a functional screening process




    Recovery Team    Each person in CCS has a team. The recovery team helps you plan your program, makes sure you are making progress, and provides support and direction. Your team will include:

  • You! You are the driver!
  • A team leader called a Service Facilitator
  • A mental health professional
  • People who provide your specialized services
  • Anyone else you wish to include for advocacy and support - like family or friends



Potential Services

Each person in CCS has an individually designed program based on their needs. It may include a variety of traditional and non-traditional services.





The CCS Vision

CCS is different from other programs! The vision of CCS is to provide meaningful services that enhance your personal recovery journey to wellness and healing.  Here are some reasons why CCS is different:

  • CCS is based on empowerment and hope
  • CCS is recovery oriented
  • You are in charge of your program
  • It focuses on strengths and outcomes, not symptoms or problems
  • Your plan respects what you and/or your family need and want
  • You have access to supportive resources like jobs, housing, health, education and recreation
  • Not all components are provided by county personnel. Community agencies may also be utilized
  • Match needs with appropriate services
  • Gender/age/culturally responsive treatment